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Ministries at "The Hill"

Sunday School - Sunday School is a place where you can learn alongside other Christians who hunger to go deep into the Word of God in quarterly studies from different Biblical subjects


Music Ministry - We have a total of 3 choirs: The Sanctuary Choir, The Male Chorus, and The Youth Choir. These various choirs offer ministry through music during worship as well as accompany the Pastor when needed


Brotherhood/Men Ministry - This is the ministry of the church that men and boys grow spiritually by empowering them through Biblical study and practice of what God expects from Christian Men


Deaconness - The Deaconess participates in the ordinances of the church: Baptism and the Lord's SupperThey are responsible for the preparation of the Lord's Supper and the candidates for baptism


Evangelism - This ministry is designed to train members of the church to share their faith with others and to reach communities using various resources, techniques and ideas to communicate the love of God to the unsaved


Care Ministry - This is a need sensitive ministry that is responsible for the needs of our sick and shut-in and the physical needs of our members and non-members in the community


Women Mission - The women's mission reaches the entire adult female population of the church. It is their goal to provide Biblical instruction and guidance to the women of the church through workshops, conferences, and Bible study that will nuture, equip, and enhance women of all age groups


Culinary - This ministry is responsible for preparing meals for special events held in the S.W. Jackson Fellowship Hall


Ushers- The purpose of this ministry is to serve God's people by greeting, directing, and assisting them in a friendly and hospitable manner. They assist during offering, distribute programs, and assist when an emergency need arises

Health Awareness Team (HAT) - This ministry was formed to help with medical emergencies during worship, to do annual health fairs, and to make the congregation aware of health issues that can affect society as a whole


Youth - The Youth Ministry is a place where young people can receive great spiritual direction through God's Word, worship, fellowship and fun with other young people. The ministry includes: Youth Athletics; Youth Choir; and Youth Bible Study


Pastor's Encouragers - This ministry is designed to support the Pastor  with physical and spiritual needs in order to help him study and deliver the Word of God to the people of God 


Young Adult Ministry (YAM) - For too long churches have had an empty space when it comes to young adults. The Young Adult ministry at the "Hill" is committed  to reaching young men and women and bring them to an understanding of where God wants them to be by providing the tools to get there. If you are between the ages of 18-40 you will enjoy getting to know Christ with this group of energetic Christians


New Member Orientation - New Member Orientation is responsible for ensuring that all new members meet the requirements of the mandatory class before participating in any auxillary ministries




The primary goal of the ministries of the SHBC is to support the work of our Lord through serving the congregation and the community at large


The objectives of the ministries are:

1.   To make disciples of Jesus Christ

2.   To meet the needs of all members of the congregation

3.   To motivate each member to serve within the kingdom of God




"Improve Your Serve"
You Can Make A Difference

It's easy just click the volunteer button to inform us about the ministry you are interested in.

1201 Cornwell Avenue  Shreveport , LA 71101
Church Phone: 318-221-9871
Church Fax: 318-221-5510

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